Hybrid solver in Solfec

Solfec’s hybrid solver is now ready for testing. This solver combines the ability of modeling non–smooth multi–body structures in Solfec (e.g. as fully resolved FE models) in conjunction with a lightweight rigid–body/nonlinear–spring approach implemented in PARMEC. A simple example of that can be seen in the video below:

The inner three bodies (with colorful velocity map on them) are modeled in Solfec, while the outer bodies are modeled in Parmec (used as a library from within Solfec). This type of approach can potentially help speed up calculations for some Solfec models, where an area of interest can be fully resolved, while the remaining part of the model can be simplified into a set of (geometry–less) rigid bodies interacting via non–linear springs and dampers (defined in a tabular manner). See also hybrid modeling examples where more of this functionality is explained.


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