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Solfec-2.0 update 0

Just a little note to say that work on Solfec-2.0 is underway:) Currently the code cannot do much: I am ironing out a basic parallel data layout. I am using a simple global array based approach, utilising MPI-3.0 RDMA (remote direct memory access). It’s based on the implementation suggested in the book “Using Advanced MPI”. The current version of the array code is here: ga.hpp and ga.cpp. The way the arrays are used to store computational data can be viewed in compute.hpp. Since the arrays are of fixed size – there is a little bit of book keeping that needs to be implemented – in order to allow for arbitrary sequences of insertions and deletions of computational data. This is the aspect of the code, which I am currently implementing and smoothing out. Only MPI rank-0 process is interpreting the input Python file – the remaining processes join in during the computation loop – which can be invoked multiple times from the input file – with insertions and deletions of computational data in between. (…)

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