UNSPRING and spring state in Parmec

PARMEC includes a capability to model rigid body and SPRING systems. As a part of it an UNSPRING command allows to deactivate selected springs when a total force of a set of “test springs” exceeds a prescribed bound. This facilitates modelling of simple failure scenarios. Spring states are outputted as scalar fields (in XDMF format) and can be viewed with ParaView or similar tools. The video clip below is based on this example. Spring states can be visualized by selecting the ‘SS’ entity and using “Coor Map Editor” in ParaView to “Interpret Values as Cathegories” (checkbox at the top of the editor dialog box) and then adding the discrete values used by the ‘SS’ field (-3.0, -2.0, -1.0, …) as described for the OUTPUT command. Spring states can also be outputted as HISTORY (as in the example). (…)


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