Solfec-1.0 User Manual¶

Solfec-1.0 input file is a Python source code. Python interpreter is embedded in Solfec-1.0. At the same time Solfec-1.0 extends Python by adding a number of objects and routines. There are few general principles to remember:

  • Zero based indexing is observed in routine arguments.

  • Parameters after the bar | are optional. For example FUNCTION (a, b | c, d) has two optional parameters c, d.

  • Passing Solfec-1.0 objects to some routines empties them. This means that a variable, that was passed as an argument, no longer stores data. For example: let x = CREATE1 () create an object x, and let y = CREATE2 (x) create an object y, using x. If CREATE2 (x) empties x, then after the call x becomes an empty placeholder. One can use it to assign value, x = CREATE1 (), but using it as an argument, z = CREATE2 (x), will cause an abnormal termination. One can create a copy of an object by calling z = COPY (x), hence using y = CREATE2 (COPY (x)) leaves x intact.

  • Routines marked as (Under development) are functional, although they may be unstable. Routines marked as (Experimental) are only moderately tested.

Sections below document Solfec-1.0 objects and routines used for their manipulation: