SOLFEC object

An object of type SOLFEC represents the Solfec-1.0 algorithm. One can use several SOLFEC objects to run several analyses from a single input file.

obj = SOLFEC (analysis, step, output)

This routine creates a SOLFEC object.

  • obj – created SOLFEC object
  • analysis – ‘DYNAMIC’ or ‘QUASI_STATIC’ analysis kind
  • step – initially assumed time step, regarded as an upper bound
  • output – defines the output directory path (Important note: if this directory exists and contains valid output data SOLFEC is created in ‘READ’ mode, otherwise SOLFEC is created in ‘WRITE’ mode)

Some parameters can be accessed as members of a SOLFEC object, cf. Table 1.

Table 1 SOLFEC object parameters.
Read only members:
obj.time – current time
obj.mode – either ‘READ’ or ‘WRITE’ as described above
obj.constraints – list of constraints (cf. Constraints)
obj.ncon – number of constraints
obj.bodies – list of bodies (cf. BODY object)
obj.nbod – number of bodies
obj.outpath – output path, including the sub-directory if the “-s” command line argument has been passed
Read/write members:
obj.verbose – ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ enabling or disabling writing to standard output (default: ‘ON’); ‘%’ can also be used to enable plain percentage printout per individual RUN; ‘%n’ can be used for the same purpose with a newline inserted after finished calculations
obj.cleanup – either ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ enabling or disabling removal of the output directory in ‘WRITE’ mode if none results were saved (default: ‘OFF’ in which case the initial geometry is saved as a sole result); Note: POSIX=yes must be set in Config.mak for the ‘ON’ functionality to work;