On a Unix system, you can download:

and unpack it into a parmes directory by typing:

tar -xzvf parmes.tar.gz

You can edit files:

  • parmes/config/dynlb/Config.mak
  • parmes/config/parmec/Config.mak
  • parmes/config/solfec/Config.mak

in order to set up compilation flags and paths. Then, you can enter the parmec directory and type:


This will update the entire source code tree and recompile all software. Note, that all local changes inside of the parmes directory will be lost. Serial, shared memory parallel, and MPI parallel versions of the software are all compiled by default.

The parmec/Makefile also supports the following targets:

  • make update to only update the source tree; this will also clean all object and executable files
  • make compile to compile everything
  • make clean to clean all object and executable files
  • make code-update, make code-compile, make code-clean to update, compile and clean a particular code – one of: dynlb, parmec, solfec