Parmes VirtualBox Image

You can download:

and use below guidance in order to set up a VirtualBox installation of Linux Lite with PARMES software pre–installed.

After downloading unzip the file into Parmes.vdi. Then start VirtualBox and press “New” to create a new virtual machine (Fig. 83).


Fig. 83 Press “New” to create a new virutal machine.

Select name, type and version of the operating system, as in Fig. 84. Press “Continue”.


Fig. 84 Select name, type and version of the operating system.

Select memory size as in Fig. 85 (you may select less or more and later modify as needed), and press “Continue”.


Fig. 85 Select memory size.

Select “Use an existing virtual hard disk file” and find Parmes.dvi on your hard drive (Fig. 86). Press “Create”.


Fig. 86 Select hard drive: use Parmes.vdi file.

You can then select and start the new machine as in Fig. 87.


Fig. 87 Start new machine.

After a moment Linux Lite desktop becomes available, Fig. 88.


Fig. 88 The default Linux Lite session.

The provided Linux Lite system is set up as follows:

  • a default parmes user is automatically logged in
  • the parmes user password and the root password are “parmes
  • directory /home/parmes/parmes contains all PARMES software
  • file /home/parmes/.bashrc extends the PATH variable to include PARMES executables

Disk capacity

  • The provided system image has a size limit of 16GB
  • It may be practical to use Virtual Box “Devices –> Shared Folders” option in order to share an external folder with your virtual machine

Multi–user use

  • The default parmes user is practical in case of a single–user use of the machine

  • It may be useful to add additional users in case you would like to share this machine with more than one person

  • Each user can set up his own environment by copying files:

    cd $HOME
    cp -r /home/parmes/parmes ./
    cp /home/parmes/.bashrc ./

Using the software

Fig. 89 shows a Solfec viewer session of a domino toppling example. Executables *solfec*, *solfec-mpi*, and *parmec4*, *parmec8* are available at the command prompt.


Fig. 89 Solfec-1.0 viewer session of a domino toppling example.

Updating PARMES software

File $HOME/parmes/Makefile facilitates update of PARMES software. Enter the $HOME/parmes directory and type:


This will update the entire source code tree and recompile all software. Note, that all local changes inside of $HOME/parmes will be lost. Serial, shared memory parallel, and MPI parallel versions of the software are all compiled by default. See also the TGZ page for additional make options.